Bachelor of Pastoral Leadership

Specialization of Bible, theology, and practical ministry courses.

The Pastoral Leadership program provides students an opportunity to develop a personalized specialization from Bible, theology, and practical ministry courses for the purpose of serving in a variety of church roles both as professionals and volunteers. During this program of study, students will engage in significant field ministry experiences on top of a common core of major studies.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

Exegete, interpret, and apply selected passages of Scripture from a variety of literary types in keeping with their original intended meanings.

  1. Prepare sermons and structure learning experiences, then present both acceptably.
  2. Manage the resources (financial, technological, and human) of the local church.
  3. Plan and conduct a variety of church services and ceremonies.
  4. Demonstrate an ability to successfully complete graduate-level courses (Fast Track B.A. to MOL track and Fast Track B.A. to M.A. track).
Additional Program Stipulations
  1. All full-time students are to include one General Biblical Studies course each semester until degree requirements have been satisfied.
  2. First-year students enrolled full-time are to include DES 1122 in their first semester schedule.
  3. First-year students are to enroll in activity physical education courses each of their first two semesters at SAGU. Exceptions will be granted only with the approval of the College Dean.
  4. Student will complete the capstone course either during the latter part of their junior year or within their senior year.
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