Arts in Church Ministries

Designed for the student who wishes to study the principles of Ministry.

The Associate of Arts in Church Ministries is designed for the student who wishes to study the principles of Church Ministries in an internship based setting but who does not want to complete a 4-year degree. The student will receive practical experience in leadership while laying the foundation for further academic pursuits.

Upon completing the Associate of Arts in Church Ministries, students will:
  1. Be prepared to take the certification level credential with the Assemblies of God.
  2. Understand the structure and purpose of the local church.
  3. Plan and lead church related programs.
Additional Program Stipulations
  1. All full-time students are to include one General Biblical Studies course each semester until degree requirements have been satisfied.
  2. First-year students enrolled full-time are to include GES 1122 in their first semester schedule.
  3. First-year students are to enroll in activity physical education courses each of their first two semesters at SAGU. Exceptions will be granted only with approval of the College Dean.
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